The hands that plant a garden

Are hands of loving care

They seek the barren places

To scatter beauty there

The hearts that love a garden

Are hearts that love the earth

They glory in each bird song

And in each flower's birth

The minds that plan a garden

Are minds that are close to God

For understanding comes to those

Who kneel and tend the sod

  Lucia Foster.Charter Member


2016 Theme - Sustainable Gardening

Sustainability is most often associated with the environment and specifically to our landscapes and gardens. What is a sustainable garden? It is an organic garden taken a step further. Following these practices will sustain soils and plants while it nourishes and sustains your family, both physically and aesthetically. Organic gardening also points us towards other gardening practices that pursue the goal of sustainability by conserving resources.

Sustainability isn’t a commodity as much as it is a lifestyle. It has immediate as well as long-term rewards. Generally, sustainability is forward-thinking, looking ahead to secure a future for you and yours, getting things to last, making things better than you’ve found them. When one chooses to preserve and protect resources, to make as little negative impact on the earth as possible, to nurture the planet as well as those around us, one has chosen the path of sustainability.

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